About TREEY®

Since we kicked things off in 2012, TREEY® has been all about crafting the kind of digital magic that really makes us stand out from the crowd. And yeah, despite what our name might suggest, we're not in the business of chopping down trees, nor do we sell trees (ha!).

Our Core Values - TREEY®

At Treey Consultancy, we're not just about services—we're about setting standards. Here's what we stand for:

  • Trustworthy: We believe in building trust with results, forget contracts.
  • Responsive: Give us a shot, and you'll quickly see what sets us apart.
  • Elite: Turbocharge your Google Ads to the top, outranking rivals. Always ahead, always visible.
  • Ethic: Transparency and fairness. We cap it at 3 clients per industry
  • Yielding Insights: We do more than deliver results; we provide insights that drive further success.

How We Practice TREEY®

  • Trial: Quickly testing what works best to nail the perfect ad strategy for you.
  • Retry: Tweaking and tuning your campaigns based on what the data tells us.
  • Effectiveness: Squeezing every drop of value out of your budget.
  • Efficiency: Sharpening ad spend to hit better marks on CPC, CPM and CTR.
  • Yield: Turning ads into top sales drivers, pumping up your revenue stream effortlessly.

Digital Marketing Agency

In today’s click-first world, we’ve ditched the old-school office from day one. Why? Because being digital-natives allows us to cut down on the unnecessary and focus on what really matters (Still prefer Starbucks more than office!) – delivering top-notch and wallet-friendly services to you. No worries, we are a dedicated team of professionals, not freelancers or part-timers.

Certified Partners

We're a certified Google Partner for everything from YouTube to Display, Search, and Shopping. Oh, and we're also Certified Shopify Experts.

Global Reach

Based in Kuala Lumpur, our digital footprint stretches way, way beyond. We've jazzed up digital campaigns and cranked out success stories in Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New York, California, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

So, if you're looking for a crew that’s all about making your digital presence, you've found your match. Let’s make some digital waves together with TREEY®. Ready to dive in?