AE Browart's Digital Transformation

In digital age, capturing a new audience demands innovative strategy and precise execution. When venturing into a new business, it's imperative to stand out in the virtual landscape. Take, for instance, our recent collaboration with a brand new eyebrow embroidery salon, newly launched in Oct 2022 and keen to make its mark.

For this ambitious brand, we didn't just market; we crafted a digital narrative. Through a blend of aesthetically captivating web design, targeted digital campaigns, and tailored SEO tactics, we ensured they didn't just enter the market but made a resounding debut. In an era where everyone's online, we gave them a unique voice and vision, drawing clientele right from day one.

The Digital Artistry Behind AE Browart's Online Presence

AE Browart, the award-winning eyebrow embroidery specialist, stands as a testament to the true potential of having a holistic online presence. This is made possible by partnering with the proficient team at Treey Consultancy.

Website Development – Crafting a Digital Masterpiece

Your website serves as the very first impression most clients will have of your business. It speaks of your brand's story, values, and the services you offer. Treey Consultancy recognized the essence of AE Browart's work and transformed it into a digital canvas. If you've marveled at the seamless user experience at, it's the handiwork of Treey's adept web design and development efforts.

SEO Service – Ensuring Visibility in a Crowd

In the vast expanse of the World Wide Web, standing out is no mean feat. However, with Treey Consultancy's specialized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, AE Browart isn't just another name. They are a brand that pops up when potential clients are searching for premium eyebrow embroidery services. By fine-tuning website elements and ensuring relevant content, Treey guarantees visibility and organic traffic growth. Below are some of the tangible results we've achieved.

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Google Ads Service – Targeted Advertising at its Best

While SEO focuses on organic growth, there's an undeniable power in targeted advertising. Through Treey Consultancy's meticulous Google Ads service, AE Browart has been able to position itself right in front of those who are actively seeking eyebrow embroidery services. This precision ensures that every ringgit spent is an investment yielding quantifiable results.

Even better, we guarantee that our client's Google Ads consistently outrank the majority of their competitors in both impressions and ad ranking.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Service – Engaging the Social Souls

Recognizing the importance of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Treey Consultancy leveraged these channels for AE Browart, creating engaging ad campaigns that resonate with the audience. This not only helps in direct conversions but also significantly strengthens brand positioning and image.

Treey Consultancy's approach to digital marketing isn't about random splashes on the canvas but about painting a coherent picture. It's not about mere "advertising" but providing a comprehensive marketing strategy that elevates the brand.

We study, we strategize, and implement. The result? A brand like AE Browart that doesn't just exist but thrives and leads in its domain. If you're seeking a partner for your brand's digital journey, you now know the maestros behind AE Browart's success story. Request for a quotation now