Earn Up To RM8400 Passive Income

Digital Marketing Referral Program

Digital Marketing Referral Program

Ready to make some extra cash while helping your friends discover the best digital consultancy in town? We’ve got an exciting offer just for you. Introducing TREEY®’s referral program – earn up to RM8,400 per successful referral!

How It Works

For every friend you refer to us who signs up as a new Google Ads customer, you’ll earn RM700 per month as long as they stay with us. That’s right – RM700 every month, straight into your pocket after we receive the monthly retainer fee from the client you referred.

  • If your referral sticks around for 12 months? You'll earn RM8,400!
  • Stay for 6 months? No worries! You’ll earn RM700 per month for those 6 months, totaling RM4,200.
  • Stay for more than 20 months? We’ll keep paying you RM700 per month, but only up to 12 months. So, you’ll max out at RM8,400 per referral.
  • Only for Google Ads Referrals: This commission is exclusively for referrals who engage TREEY®’s Google Ads service.

Why Refer TREEY®?

At TREEY®, we’re all about delivering fast and steady results, no-nonsense approach. No contracts, no management fees on ads spend – just pure value! By referring your friends, you’re not only earning extra cash but also helping them elevate their business with our expert digital consultancy services.

Official and Compliant

No worries, this isn’t some marketing gimmick. Our referral program requires official filing compliant with local laws because we pay out officially. You can trust that your earnings are legit and above board.

Highest Referral Commission in Malaysia

Feel free to compare around. This is the highest referral commission payout in Malaysia’s digital marketing agency scene. Why are we doing this? Since TREEY® started the biz in 2012, most of our clients with us for over 5 years came through referrals. We believe in rewarding the people who help our business grow with such handsome money.


Got any questions or need more info? Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help you out. Let’s make this referral program a win-win for everyone – TREEY® style!

Ready to Earn Referral Commission?

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