Google Ads vs. Owning an eCommerce Website for Shopee Sellers

Running a business on Shopee, eh? Good stuff, Boss! Now, to pump up your game, let's talk about whether you need Google Ads or an eCommerce website.

Both options have their charms, but it really depends on what you’re after:

Mix and match, maybe? Use Google Ads to drive traffic to both your Shopee store and your new website. Double the power, double the fun!

Google Ads

If you're keen to catch more eyeballs beyond Shopee, Google Ads can be your ally. It’s like putting up a giant billboard in the digital world where everyone's driving by. Plus, with Google Ads, you can target customers based on what they're searching for, so you’re not just shouting into the void. You could direct them to your Shopee store or any other online platform you use.

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Shopee Ads

While Shopee’s own PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns (as known as Shopee Ads) are handy for boosting your visibility within the platform, branching out with Google Ads has its own set of sparkly perks. Here’s why you might consider adding Google Ads into your strategy mix:

  • Wider Net: Google Ads isn’t just about Google Search; it spans a massive network including YouTube, Gmail, and thousands of other websites where your ads could appear. It’s like fishing in the open sea versus a fish pond—you've got a much bigger area to catch potential buyers who might not even be shopping on Shopee yet.

  • Targeting Flexibility: Google Ads offers some seriously slick targeting options. You can get your ads in front of people based on their interests, the websites they visit, or even based on their previous interactions with your business. It’s a bit like having a digital Sherlock Holmes at your service, finding the right people at the right time.

  • Intent Driven: People searching on Google are often on a mission—they’re looking for something specific. If your ad pops up at just the right moment, you’ve got a golden opportunity to convert a high-intent visitor into a customer. It’s like catching someone just as they’re really hungry and showing them a menu from your restaurant.

  • Brand Building: While Shopee is fantastic for immediate sales within the platform, Google Ads can help you build and expand your brand presence across the internet. It’s an effective way to remind folks that you exist outside of Shopee too.

  • Analytics and Insights: Google offers robust analytics that can help you understand exactly how your ads are performing and where your money is going. You can tweak and tinker based on real data to make sure every sen is working hard for you.

Using both Shopee Ads and Google Ads can be a powerful combo. Shopee’s campaigns boost your visibility on the platform, while Google Ads helps you capture customers from a wider digital universe. Why choose one when you can have the best of both worlds, right?

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eCommerce Website

Having your own website is like owning your own shop lot. More freedom with the design, more control over the customer experience, and you’re not just another stall in the giant digital pasar (market) that is Shopee. It’s great for building your brand’s identity and can work alongside your Shopee store to reach customers who prefer a more direct and personal shopping experience. 

Unleashing the Power of Your Own eCommerce Website

As a seasoned Shopee seller, branching out with your own eCommerce website can be a brilliant move. 

  1. Brand Identity: Your own site gives you the canvas to paint your brand’s personality in full color. You control the vibe, the design, and how your products are presented. This isn’t just about selling products; it’s about creating an experience that makes customers want to come back.

  2. Customer Data: On Shopee, you’re at the mercy of their platform for customer insights. With your own site, you collect firsthand data on your customers’ shopping habits, preferences, and behaviors. This goldmine allows you to tailor marketing strategies directly to your audience's tastes.

  3. Marketing Freedom: Run promotions, email marketing campaigns, and personalized deals without restrictions. Your own website is your playground. You can experiment with different marketing tactics without being boxed in by marketplace rules.

  4. Wider Audience Reach: While Shopee is a powerhouse, having your own website opens doors to customers who may not be on Shopee. Plus, you can tap into international markets more freely.

  5. Direct Customer Relationships: On your own site, you build direct relationships with your customers without a middleman. This can lead to higher customer loyalty and valuable feedback that can drive your business forward.

  6. Cost Efficiency Over Time: Sure, marketplaces like Shopee charge fees per sale, which can add up. Your own website has upfront costs but consider it a long-term investment with potential for higher net margins.

  7. Multi-Channel Selling: Who says it has to be one or the other? Use your Shopee store to capture the crowd there and drive them to your website for more exclusive products or better deals. This strategy harnesses the best of both worlds!

So, ready to turbocharge your Shopee store or venture into the bold world of your own eCommerce website? Whether it's capturing quick sales with Google Ads or building a loyal customer base with a website, both paths lead to growth.

Why not start today? Connect with us at TREEY®, and let's make your digital dreams a reality. Remember, it’s not just about being seen, it’s about being remembered. Take the leap, Boss, and let’s achieve great things together!

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