I'm not in the business of chopping down trees, nor do we sell trees (ha!). Welcome to TREEY®!

Behind the Logo


Founded in 2012 with a simple belief: There's no shortcut to growing a real business. It's like planting a durian tree—good things take time. The bird on the 'Y' in TREEY®? That 'Y' stands tall like a tree, providing a safe haven for birds—my clients. TREEY® is the perfect spot for your business to grow, with your digital marketing always in good hands.

About Joe

A minimalist. "Be your own boss" believer! Dove into the family manufacturing B2B biz right after school back in the late '90s. Tried B2C businesses, even bridal gowns! I've been a micro-entrepreneur ever since. Love to keep things simple. But the digital world? That's where it clicked. Too many businesses stuck in the old ways, lost online. That's why I'm here. 

From Self-Taught to Self-Made

Let me take you back to a time when Gameboys were cool, Google was just starting to crawl and Malaysia’s internet was learning to walk.

That's right, I'm a proud 80s! We were the pioneers, riding the tech wave right from the start–Gameboys, early computers, you name it! When the world wide web started buzzing, I was hooked.

I was the "Why" guy. Like, why do folks share free how-to tips online? What’s in it for them? Why my new website still not showing up in yahoo and google yet? Why ditch business name cards for website that burned in CDs? Why ditch Yellow Pages for this website thing?

My curiosity turned me into a DIY guru in SEO and digital marketing. Craving answers for my own new online business in 2005, I became my own teacher. Back then, finding reliable SEO info was like hunting for a good nasi lemak in a foreign country!

first iphone in malaysia

Being an early adopter, I was among the first Malaysians to own an iPhone in 2007. But 2009 was the true turning point – Maxis launched iPhone 3G, Facebook went mobile, and suddenly eCommerce boomed! Then came Groupon... it was the perfect storm. 2009-2012 was my gold rush.

Why bother with all this blast from the past? My story is DIFFERENT because it wasn't textbook knowledge. It was forged from my own money. My knowledge came from real-world campaigns, hard-earned money spent and lessons learned. I lived through the evolution of digital marketing, and that's what makes me a street-smart digital marketer - I back my talk with hard-earned experience.

Why I Started with Coaching SEO & Web Building

You see, money can buy flashy ads on Google and Facebook, but it can’t buy you the top spot in SEO results. That's a whole different ball game. You need more than a fat wallet; you need slick tactics and updated know-how. Without these, that’s like showing up at a paintball match with a toy gun—lots of action, you play play only. 

But hey, focusing only on SEO is like eating nasi lemak without the sambal—it’s okay, but where’s the kick? That’s why I didn’t stop there. I threw Google Ads and Facebook Ads into the mix later. To truly stand out in the business jungle, you gonna master both the arts of push and pull marketing—kind of like having both the rice and the spicy sambal.

From SEO Mentoring to Managing

Few years later, things took a turn. Busy bosses I'd worked with started dropping all their digital needs in my lap one by one. Seems like I had earned their trust. And just like that, I went from being just a coach to taking the captain's chair. Now, I steer the whole digital ship for some brands/companies like Sumopack®, Wownana®, FREEASY®, K-Way®, ViGOR®, TongGing®, Idoromo®, AEBrowart®, MyDobi®, Yee Hup Foam, CS Laundry System, G Guard Malaysia & many more.

Here's The Deal

Think of me as your dedicated digital gardener. I'll design tailor-made strategies to plant the seeds of your online presence, then nurture them with the right tools e.g. SEM, SEO, SMM – those are my tools of the trade. I'm always learning, always growing my knowledge. But hey, just like a garden has its surprises, I'll never pretend to know it all. Honesty and results? That's what you'll always get from me.

Digital-Native Business

I’ve ditched the old-school office from day one. Why? Because being digital-natives allows us to cut down on the unnecessary and focus on what really matters (Still prefer Starbucks more than office!) – delivering top-notch and wallet-friendly services to you. No worries, we are a dedicated team of professionals, not freelancers or part-timers.

My Promise to You


"We Glow When You Grow"—and I mean that. I'm all about giving your business the personal attention it deserves without any strings attached. No contracts here. If you're not thrilled with what we're growing together, you can pick up your roots and go, no hard feelings.

Our Core Values - TREEY®

Here's what we stand for:

  • Trustworthy: Building trust with real results, forget contracts.
  • Responsive: Try us and you'll quickly see what sets us apart.
  • Elite: Turbocharge your Google Ads to the top, outpace rivals. Always ahead, always visible.
  • Ethic: To ensure every partnership gets full focus & fair treatment. I cap it at 3 clients per industry.
  • Yielding Insights: We do more than deliver results; we give insights that keep you ahead.

How We Practice TREEY®

  • Trial: Quickly testing what works best to nail the perfect marketing strategy for you.
  • Review: Tuning campaigns based on what the data tells us.
  • Effectiveness: Squeezing every drop of value out of your budget.
  • Efficiency: Sharpening ad spend to hit better marks on CPC, CPM and CTR.
  • Yield: Turning ads into top sales, pumping up your revenue stream effortlessly.

Certified Partners & Global Reach

I'm a certified Google Partner for everything from YouTube to Display, Search, and Shopping. Oh, and also Certified Shopify Expert. Based in Kuala Lumpur, I proudly serve campaigns in Malaysia, New York, California, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Want Results? Hire a Marketer with Real-World Business Experience

Agencies with Google badges (aka certified Google Partner, me too)? That's nice, but can that qualification guarantee sales? Like finding parking at Mid Valley on a Saturday – possible, but good luck! Finding the reliable digital marketer is even harder.

Fancy degrees, big agency names... those sound impressive, but when it's YOUR money on the line? That's when real-world experience matters, boss. Book smarts are good, but street smarts are where the magic happens. It's like learning to drive in KL – the manual helps, but dodging rogue riders, that's skill lah!

Forget fresh grads, find someone who's started businesses, managing own businesses, made the classic newbie mistakes, learned the hard way – those are your marketing ninjas. Ask about their failures, their business battle scars, that's where the true lessons lie.

When your business is their business, you need someone who thinks like a boss, not just an employee. Get a street-smart marketer, and watch your business bloom like a bunga raya! Cheers!