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google ads contractThe Double-Edged Sword of Contracts in Marketing Agencies

Contracts are standard in the agency world, particularly for larger firms with sizeable staff and hefty operational costs. They help ensure financial stability by securing future profits, which is crucial for sustaining any business. However, this practical tool can sometimes be misused. Some agencies might lean too heavily on these contracts, allowing them to become complacent and take their clients for granted, relying more on contractual obligations than service excellence to keep customers.

In our early days, dealing with some digital marketing agencies felt like a rollercoaster—upfront, there were grand promises and sweet deals to lock us in. But once we signed, reality hit hard. 

It seemed like a win-win at first—locking in great deals in exchange for long-term partnerships. But the excitement faded quickly when the results didn’t match the hype. It was especially tough when these agencies, comfy in their contracts, started dragging their feet and ignoring our needs.

Stuck in these contracts, quitting wasn't an option without facing fines. These contracts, crafted to protect the agencies more than us, left us feeling cornered and powerless. Not all agencies were like this, but it certainly shaped how we operate today—as a disruptive marketing agency.

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Digital-Native Business

We operate entirely remotely, which allows us to slash overhead costs and pass these savings onto our clients. We understand that our clients care more about results than where we work from. That’s why we’ve adopted a no-strings-attached policy: if you're not satisfied, you can leave at any time — no questions asked.

We work on a monthly retainer, constantly driven to prove our value just like a probationary employee who’s eager to prove their value every day. So, feel free to take advantage of us!

At TREEY®, we don’t chase; we attract. We’re confident that those who are meant to be with us will stay, driven by satisfaction, not obligation.







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