What's Absolute Top of Page Rate in Google Ads?

Imagine you're at a huge outdoor concert with a massive stage at the very front. This concert is packed with bands (advertisers) eager to perform (display their ads). However, there's a very special spot right in front of the stage, where visibility is unbeatable—let's call this the Absolute Top of the Stage (Absolute Top of Page Rate) area. Every band dreams of getting their performance (ad) here because it guarantees the most eyes on them.

In Google Ads, the "Absolute Top of Page Rate" is like measuring how often your band gets to perform in that coveted Absolute Top of the Stage area. Specifically, it tells you the percentage of time your ad shows up in the very first ad spot on the Google search results page out of all the possible times it could have been shown there.

Absolute Top of Page Rate

So, if your Absolute Top of Page Rate is 50%, it's like saying, out of all the times your ad could have been the very first thing people see (like your band playing right in front of the stage), it actually was there half of the time. The higher this percentage, the more often your ad grabs that prime spot in front of the crowd, potentially increasing its visibility and effectiveness.

Research shown that the top 3 search results are the most clickable. If your Google Ads unable to rank up within the top 3 positions means you're losing potential customers every day.

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Search absolute top impression rate is the percent of your impressions that are shown as THE VERY FIRST AD above the organic search results. 

Imagine your ads consistently occupying the coveted top spot in Google search results, being the first thing potential customers see when they search for keywords relevant to your business. That's exactly what our expert team can achieve for you—ensuring your Google ads outpace your rivals within just 10 days, making you the undisputed king or queen of your industry.

Google Ads Services

G Guard Malaysia is one of our customers. 


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This is the best method to approach most online searchers a.k.a. potential customers upon they researching online. One of the best methods to get found by new customers, and always the cheapest way to reach out the niches.  

G Guard Malaysia didn't have the SEO dominance to secure top Google page rankings. To bridge this gap, we strategically utilized Google Ads, focusing specifically on achieving a high Absolute Top of Page Rate. This approach not only built trust but also ensured G Guard was found first, outpacing most rivals for an extended period. Through this tactic, G Guard effectively captured new customers, securing the prime opportunity to be compared first in their industry.

As our SEO efforts gradually improved G Guard's rankings for top page keywords, we were able to reduce reliance on Google Ads. Eventually, as their SEO dominance was firmly established, G Guard completely phased out Google Ads. This shift underscores the initial importance of leveraging Absolute Top of Page Rate in Google Ads as a powerful tool for gaining visibility and attracting customers until SEO efforts mature. This strategy exemplifies how businesses can effectively transition from paid to organic search strategies, optimizing their online presence and marketing spend. 

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