Absolute Top of Page Rate | Google Search Marketing

Why most of our customers engaged our Search Marketing services?

This plan encompassed SEO services and Google Ads services and guaranteed customer's Google Ads will outrank all competitors' Google Ads most of the time when the ads are serving.  

Research shown that the top 3 search results are the most clicked websites. If the Google Ads unable to rank up within the top 3 positions means you're losing potential customers every day.

Absolute Top of Page Rate

Search absolute top impression rate is the percent of your impressions that are shown as THE VERY FIRST AD above the organic search results. 

Meanwhile, the service package also included search engine optimization services. G Guard is one of the companies that chosen our

Search Marketing Services

Below is the G Guard's Google Ads example when targeting ceramic coating & paint protection film keywords.


ppf costppf coatppf priceppf coatingppf klceramic coatingcoating klcoating pjThis is the best method to approach most online searchers a.k.a. potential customers upon they researching online. One of the best methods to get found by new customers, and always the cheapest way to reach out the niches.  

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