Why Outsourcing Digital Marketing?

Find out why hiring out your digital marketing is a game-changer: save money, get the pros, and let your team focus on what they do best. See how it can help your business soar!

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​Outsourcing Digital Marketing

First off, the numbers are telling. Digital marketing services, like SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing, have a wide range of costs. For example, SEO services can range from RM1000 to RM5000 a month, while content marketing can go anywhere from RM1,000 to RM10,000 a month​.

It's a broad spectrum, but when you compare those figures to the cost of hiring a full-time digital marketing manager from JOBXTREET costing you RM8000/month or few digital marketing executives from RM2500 (Junior) or RM5000 (Senior), outsourcing starts to look pretty attractive. Especially when you consider the added benefits of tapping into a broader proven skill set without the full-time price tag.

Outsourcing digital marketing can save companies money, as marketing agencies are often paid on an agreed-upon fee that excluded EFP, socso, company bonus and incentives. This means that companies don’t have to pay for marketing capabilities they don’t use, and they often have access to capabilities they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. 


One of the coolest parts about going with an agency is the toolkit they bring along. Agencies have access to pricey subscriptions and relationships with ad networks and publishers that most freelancers, and even some businesses​. It's like having a backstage pass to the best marketing tools and platforms out there.


Now, let's talk about flexibility and scalability. If there's one thing that's constant in business, it's change. Markets shift, and being able to adapt your marketing strategy quickly is key. With an outsourcing partner, you can dial your efforts up or down without the drama of hiring or laying off staff. Plus, you get access to enhanced analytics to help guide those decisions, making your marketing more responsive and informed than ever​.


It's not just about saving money or accessing fancy tools, though. Outsourcing can also inject some fresh perspective into your strategy. An external team brings a variety of experiences and viewpoints that can spot opportunities or issues you might miss. We're not just working on your project; but bringing insights from a wide array of clients and industries​​.

And if you're worried about whether outsourcing is for the big players only, think again. Startups, nonprofits, hospitality brands, and many more can benefit from this model. It's especially handy for sectors like hospitality and tourism, where staying ahead of trends and customer preferences is vital​. Basically, if you've got a market to reach, there's likely an outsourcing model that can help you do it more efficiently because we've more useful toolssssssssssss.

With the right outsourcing partner, you can achieve a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that drives growth, enhances brand awareness, and boosts customer engagement without stretching your internal resources too thin.


We're Certified Google Partner. Whether you're looking to expand your reach, tap into the latest Google marketing trend, or just keep your marketing agile in a fast-paced world, outsourcing your digital marketing might just be the strategic move that sets you apart from the competition.

We've delivered more than RM4 million of Google Ads which generated annual sales revenue of over RM95 million for our clients.

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