Getting Started with Google Ads: TREEY®'s New Customer Guide

This outline ensures that TREEY®'s new customers understand the operational framework, financial obligations, and communication protocols necessary for a successful collaboration on Google Ads campaigns.

  1. Credit Card Submission: To initiate your Google Ads account, please provide full credit card details. 

  2. Account Access: Access to the Google Ads account will be restricted to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of your campaigns. This is a standard practice to safeguard our proprietary strategies and your campaign data.

  3. Documentation Delivery: You will receive a detailed marketing report, along with the Google Ads receipt and tax invoice, during the first week of each month. 

  4. Payment Structure: Google Ads operates on a postpaid billing system, where your advertising expenses accumulate and are billed once they reach predetermined spending thresholds. For new accounts, these thresholds are set at RM50, RM200, RM800, RM1200, and RM2000. Once your account consistently reaches the RM2000 threshold and you have established a record as a reliable payer, Google will automatically charge your credit card each time your account hits RM2000 in expenses.

  5. Foreign Transaction Authorization: Since many local banks block transactions to international services like Google Ads, you will need to authorize these transactions with your bank proactively. Please be prepared to contact your bank whenever necessary to ensure continuous ad service. Note that ads may be paused by Google if transactions are pending approval.

  6. Collaboration with Web Designers: It is essential for your web designer to work closely with us. I will request updates to your website's keywords to maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, requiring their full cooperation.

  7. Daily Lead Reporting: For the initial two months, we ask that you report the volume of leads daily via WhatsApp, including any days with zero leads. This information is crucial for optimizing your ad performance.

  8. Invoicing and Payment Terms: Invoices will be issued at the end of each billing cycle and should be settled within 7 days. Although our services are typically prepaid, we provide a brief grace period to facilitate timely payments for established clients.

  9. Termination Notice: If you choose to discontinue our services, a written notice (Accept WhatsApp) of one month prior to the next invoicing period is required. All invoices issued prior to receiving your notice must be paid in full.

  10. Refund Policy: We do not issue refunds for any retainer fees or advertising expenditures if your Google Ads account is suspended or terminated. This applies whether the suspension or termination is due to policy decisions by Google or any actions taken by you for any reason.








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