iPhone Screen Went White, KissMyMac Made Everything Alright!

iphone white screen issue

So, my iPhone 13 Pro Max decided to throw a tantrum—white screen, overheating. I was less worried about missing TikTok and more concerned about someone snooping through my personal data.

Apple Service Center's solution? "Send it over and chill for a week." Yeah, right, like I'm going to part with my phone for that long! 

Googled. Found KISSMYMAC near by. These folks had a gazillion 5-star reviews 😲!!! Which made me think, "Scam or Hogwarts for Apple repairs?" I thought only cafes or restaurants able to achieve this milestone. 

iphone repair center

Apple Authorized Independent Repair Providers

apple irp

WhatsApp their hotline 01155016683peppering the techs with questions like, "Why should I trust you?" Their answer: "We're Apple Authorized, buddy. Only the real Apple deal here." And they promised to fix my phone in a jiffy.

Visited official website kissmymac.my and realized they are truly an Apple Authorized Independent Repair Providers. So, walked in at 11am and 1 hour later, my devices were back from the dead. Now, my turn to contribute another 5 stars google review!