Lessons Learned From KissMyMac's Google Ads Campaigns

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Every client teaches us something new, but this case schooled us in the art of the possible. So, here’s a little story about a client, KissMyMac. They’re the tech wizards who fix up your iPhones and MacBooks.

Now, getting Google to give the thumbs up for ads with words like ‘Apple’, 'Macbook' or ‘iPhone’ is like trying to beat the boss level in a video game without any cheat codes. Tough, right? But here’s what we learned from turning a no-go into a heck-yes!!

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The Trademark Boss Fight

First off, KissMyMac hired us to get their Google Ads to outshine the rest, but those trademark terms were like a giant bouncer blocking the club door. Keep receiving these warnings from Google Ads:

  • Misrepresentation

  • Third Party Consumer Technical Support

Well, our resilience is greater than the resistance! We tried once, twice… twenty-seven times, took us 6 days actually. Each ad, a different combo move, trying to get past the big, bad "Trademark Boss". But guess what? On the 28th try, we got the golden ticket - Google Ads approved for iPhones, Macbooks!!

Precision is Our Middle Name

The search term report? It's a beauty. It’s like a list of secret handshakes we used to bring the customers to KissMyMac’s doorstep. Each term – from 'iphone battery replacement' to 'machine battery replacement' – is a targeted arrow shot straight into the heart of the market. And the bullseye? An impressive collection of clicks and enviable CTRs that would make even the big boss raise an eyebrow.

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Boss Battle Won

Let's hit fast-forward. Within 10 days after our ads got the nod, the stats were doing a victory dance. KissMyMac was not just in the game; they were winning it.

And these Auction Insights reports? They tell the story of how we didn’t just enter the race; we lapped everyone else on the track. Over 3 months, we served up impression shares and absolute top-of-page rates that had KissMyMac's name shining brighter than a spotlight on a dark stage.

Impression share

is like how often your ad gets seen on Google. If it’s 100%, your ad shows up every single time someone searches for what you’re selling. So, if your impression share is 50%, that means half the time someone searched for something your ad is relevant to, boom – your ad was there.

Absolute top of page rate

That's when your ad isn't just seen, but it’s the first thing people see at the very top of the search results.

So when you're looking at those Google Ads Auction Insights, a high impression share % and a high absolute top of the page rate % mean your ads are not just getting seen – they’re getting the VIP treatment.

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google ads malaysia for iphone macbook apple
google ads malaysia for iphone macbook apple

Our Guarantee

We guarantee 2 key metrics to all our clients - Impression Share and the Absolute Top of Page Rate. We ensure your ads get the maximum visibility and the top ranking within 10 days once ads approved.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Just a heads up, our case study doesn't spill any secret marketing recipes or confidential company info. We’re all about sharing the scoreboard, not the game plan. So, what you see is just the endgame – the scores and stats. Our client's secrets? They’re locked in a vault. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ strategies and business intel under wraps. Your trust, your privacy – that’s our priority.

Your Turn

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Alright, let’s set the record straight: Marketing's our game, but sales—that's another story. We're ace at getting your ads in front of the right eyes, leading curious clickers straight to your site. After that, it's on you to seal the deal with the right price, quick replies, and irresistible offers. That part's all you.

So, if you're looking to attract a crowd that's searching for what you offer, just like we did for KissMyMac, reach out. Let’s talk precision, let’s talk skill, let’s talk about outpacing your competition so swiftly they won’t even know what hit 'em. Ready to be the next big hit in Google Ads? We’re here to jam.






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