What's Impression Share in Google Ads?

Well, instead of just echoing what’s already on the Google website about impression share in Google Ads, why not explain it in a more relaxed, casual way this time? Let's ditch the technical jargon and think about this in terms of everyday experiences—something we can all relate to.

google ads impression share

Impression Share: A Day in the Digital Life

Imagine you're at a bustling farmers' market on a sunny Saturday morning. There are several vendors selling fresh, organic apples. You have your little stall with your banner flying high, but so do ten other vendors. Now, if a hundred people pass through the market looking for apples, and only twenty of them see your fruits stall, your 'impression share' in the market would be 20%. This is exactly what happens in the digital world of Google Search Ads.

yoga mat google ads

Morning Routine: Grabbing Attention in the Search Results

Think of your morning routine—maybe you’re browsing online for a new yoga mat. You type “best yoga mat for beginners” into Google and hit search. The results page is your digital marketplace. Every ad that pops up is like a stall in our farmers' market. If your yoga mat brand has a high impression share, it means your ad appears more often than others, catching the eye of potential buyers as they sip their morning coffee.

pizza business google ads

Midday Rush: The Competition Heats Up

Around lunchtime, you decide to order pizza. You search “pizza delivery near me” and several options pop up. Each pizzeria’s impression share reflects how often their ads appear in searches like yours compared to the total they could appear. A pizzeria with a high impression share gets more visibility, much like a food truck at a festival with the best spot by the entrance.

google ads for hotel

Evening Wind Down: Maximizing Visibility

As the day ends, you’re planning a weekend getaway and search for “hotel deals in Penang.” Just like the flyers on a community bulletin board, hotels with a higher impression share have their deals more visible, increasing their chances of getting clicked on. It’s like having your flyer right at eye level where it's most likely to be noticed.

google ads for fruit shop

Increasing Your 'Fruits Stall's' Visibility

Back to our farmers' market: if you want more people to notice your apples, maybe you decide to put up a larger sign or hand out free samples. In the world of Google Search Ads, this translates to increasing your bid or improving your ad quality (like sprucing up your stall). Higher bids can place your ads in better positions, while better ad relevance and landing page quality are like offering tastier, shinier apples.

Keeping Your Business Thriving

Just as you'd keep an eye on other apple vendors and maybe even chat with visitors to understand what makes them stop at a stall, in digital marketing, it's about adjusting your strategies based on performance metrics and competitor actions. Regularly checking and optimizing your impression share ensures that your 'digital stall' remains visible and attractive to potential customers.








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