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We Made FREEASY Famous!

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Remember those old-school websites? All about the company, products – yawn! Back in 2005, a Malaysian company called FREEASY wanted to change the bean bag game. A traditional website wouldn't be enough.

Taking inspiration from Dell's direct-to-consumer, "no stockpile" approach, FREEASY adopted a revolutionary bean bag manufacturing model: on-demand production. This kept things efficient and prices down. They built their own dynamic eCommerce website, and that's when they called us for the SEO magic.

SEO Strikes at the Perfect Time

FREEASY's forward-thinking and our SEO work paid off big time. Just when their new website was ranking on top page of Google, TGV Cinemas had a groundbreaking idea: Malaysia's first bean bag cinema! They searched for "bean bag suppliers," and boom – FREEASY was right at the top.

That TGV project launched FREEASY's success, and their SEO is still unstoppable. Honestly, if you're searching for bean bags in Malaysia, you'd have to try hard NOT to find their website at the top of the results. Now, they don't even need to rely on Google or Facebook ads anymore.

Optimizing SEO Even at the Top

In the beginning, FREEASY dominated Google searches for "bean bag". But we realized something crucial: We've been told, many people searching with that term weren't actually FREEASY's ideal customers. Most of the time, they were looking for the "low cost" or "cheap" bean bags, priced far below FREEASY's offerings.

We pivoted, focusing on keywords like "large bean bag," "big bean bag," and "premium bean bag". This niche approach reduced overall website traffic, but the leads? Those were high-quality! Customers specifically seeking what FREEASY offers. Plus, it saved them time filtering out low-potential inquiries, even those about "bean bag rental".

SEO Expert - This is Our Way

This is how we work: Always analyzing, collaborating with clients to refine SEO and ensure it aligns with their brand. It's our expertise. We won't wait for you to notice an issue – We're constantly proactive, making adjustments even when things seem to be going well.

Lessons for Malaysian Businesses

FREEASY's story is inspiring for Malaysian businesses:

  • Be Bold: Adapt successful strategies from industry leaders, like Dell, and blaze your own trail.
  • Invest in SEO: It takes effort, but the visibility it brings can open doors to amazing, unexpected opportunities.
  • Choose Your Partners Wisely: FREEASY chose our search engine optimization service (SEO), and it was a game-changer. Partnering with experts accelerates growth!


Don't worry, we won't reveal any top-secret marketing magic or our client's confidential plans. Think of this more like showing you the final score of the game – the results are out there, but how we got there? That's our special sauce. Your business secrets are safe with us! Keeping our clients' strategies under wraps is how we do things.

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Comparing SEO Price in Malaysia?

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