Facebook Retargeting: Why You Need It & How to Set Up?

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Okay lah, you know the scenario: you're browsing a website for a new nasi lemak recommendation, then get sidetracked by that banner or pop up ads at the website and you clicked away from the website. Suddenly, poof! All thoughts of nasi lemak vanish.


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But don't worry, that's where Facebook Retargeting Ads comes in, acting like a mom who remembers EVERYTHING. It's like she's saying, "Eh, I remember you were checking out that yummy nasi lemak place earlier! Don't you want to go back?"

Why Should You Care About Facebook Marketing?

  • Second Chances Matter: Life's busy, distractions happen! Retargeting ads give people a gentle reminder to come back to your website.
  • Staying Top of Mind: Like how mom always keep you in her thoughts, these ads keep your brand fresh in customers' minds.
  • Sensible Spending: No point wasting money on random people lah! Retargeting focuses on those who are already interested in your stuff.

How To Set Up Facebook Retargeting?

how to set up facebook retargeting?

Log into your https://adsmanager.facebook.com. Just follow these steps to set up the mom-style reminder (Facebook Retargeting)

  1. Facebook Pixel (The Secret Tracking Tool): This tiny bit of code on your website keeps track of visitors, just like how moms magically know everything.
  2. Custom Audiences (Who Is The Target?): Sort your visitors based on what they were interested in. Were they looking at nasi lemak? Teh tarik? This helps you make super targeted ads.
    how to set up facebook retargeting?
  3. Your Awesome Ads (The Attention-Grabbing Message): Use funny images, irresistible offers – whatever makes people say "Wah, must check this out!"

Pro Tips for Perfect Retargeting

  • Don't Be Too Over: You also don't want the mom nagging you non-stop, right? Control how often people see your ads.
  • Keep Things Fresh: Try different ad styles to see what gets the best response.
  • Expand the Family: Target new people who are similar to your existing customers with Lookalike Audiences.
    how to set up facebook retargeting?

Ready to try this MOM-Approved marketing tactic?

Facebook retargeting is a simple but super effective way to get those sales rolling in. Just remember, don't let the ads get too irritating – even the most caring mom needs a break sometimes! 😉

But Wait, There's More!

Level Up Your Facebook Retargeting Game

Okay lah, basic retargeting you already know – show ads to anyone who visited your website, remind them what they were interested in. But to really master this marketing game, here are some extra power-ups:

Advanced Strategies – Solid One!

  • Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs): These ones are magic for online stores. It's like the ad automatically knows what the person was eyeing on your website and shows them the exact same thing. Best for those who always add to cart but never buy!
  • Customer List Retargeting: Got an email list of your customers? Upload it to Facebook (got security, don't worry), and now you can target them with special offers or remind those who haven't bought in a while to come back.
  • Video Retargeting: If someone watched your whole product demo video, it means they're seriously interested lah! Hit them back with another related video or offer.
  • Don't Waste Time Retargeting: No point showing ads to people who already bought your things, right? Make sure to exclude those who converted already. So, choose wisely (Which webpage you want to run FB Retargeting Ads ah?).
    FB retargeting

Think Like a Marketing Pro

  • Follow the Customer Journey: Don't anyhow blast everyone with the same ad. Think about where they are – just found out about you? Considering other options? Tailor those ads differently.
  • Try This, Try That: See what works best! Maybe some people love a discount in the ad, others prefer funny pictures. Test and see lah!
  • Find Your Perfect Customer Twins: Facebook can use your data to find more people just like those who convert. It's like finding long-lost siblings for your ideal customer!

Remember lah

  • Make Your Ads Stand Out: Nobody likes boring ads. Use interesting visuals, some local humor, whatever gets people to stop and look.
  • Don't Be Too Kepoh: Limit how often people see your ads. No need to bombard them non-stop.

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By the way, did you know the key differences between Facebook Retargeting & Google Remarketing?

Feature Facebook Retargeting Google Remarketing
Platform Focus on Facebook & Instagram lah Google Search, YouTube, and other websites also can
Audience Focus People scrolling social media, maybe want to relax Actively searching for things online, ready to buy stuff
Targeting Strengths Target by interest, what people do online, even events Knows what people search for, ads can show up anywhere
Ad Format Blend in with normal posts, can use nice pictures Text, banners, videos – sometimes a bit distracting lah
Best Suited For Make people remember your brand, build relationships Catch those who are seriously looking to buy something

Eh, Want to Boost Your Sales?

Facebook and Google both powerful for retargeting, but to get the best results, better get help from Google Ads experts lah! 

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