Google Ads Credit (A.k.a. Promotional Code)

While Google itself doesn’t hand out RM1500 promotional codes directly, here at TREEY®, we include this sweet RM1500 Google Ads credit as part of our exclusive services package for our new Google Ads customers.

Free Google Ads Credit

  • RM1500 in free advertising credit as an incentive for our new clients only.
  • This credit can be used towards your advertising spend on Google Ads.
  • No contract is required.
  • This is a one-time boost to your advertising budget. You'll need to continue funding your campaigns after the credit runs out. 
google ads promotional code example
(Example of promotional code)

Example Breakdown:

  • Monthly Google Ads Budget: RM2500
  • Promotional Credit: RM1500 (one-time only)
  • Actual Spend RM1000: You would only be responsible for the remaining amount after the credit is applied (RM2500 - RM1500 = RM1000).
Overall, the RM1500 credit can act as a buffer in your first month, reducing your initial campaign expense on Google Ads. Ready to see your ads soar? Come on board with us! CONTACT US NOW