How We Kickstarted Vigor Printing's Online Presence?

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Let’s dive into a story that’s a bit close to our hearts - the tale of how we gave Vigor Printing Sdn Bhd’s digital presence a major facelift. Picture this: a top-notch offset printing factory that’s all about creating stunning paper-made products, from sleek booklets to those handy takeaway food boxes and everything in between.

Back in 2019, they decided to up their game and brought us on board for some digital marketing magic.

The Game Plan

Vigor Printing was on a mission to not just be another name in the vast sea of offset printing services. They wanted to stand out, grab attention, and, most importantly, win hearts (long-term repeat customers). That’s where we came in.

Our strategy? A cocktail of Google Ads, a spanking new website, and a dash of SEO to tie it all together.

Results-Driven Digital Marketing

Here’s a peek at our secret sauce for making Vigor Printing the talk of the town:

Google Ads

We didn’t just throw ads into the void and hope for the best. Nope, we crafting ads that popped up exactly when potential customers were hunting for what Vigor Printing has to offer. The result? It’s strong. This was 2023's. With an impressive 43.88% impression share (That’s nearly half of all eyeballs on us when it comes to searches in our arena) and a whopping 66.99% absolute top of the page rate (This means two-thirds of the time, our clients’ ads aren’t just on the page; they’re headlining the show, the very top of all search results), we're not just in the game, we're leading the league.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services)

We built Vigor Printing a sleek, user-friendly site that not only looked good but ranked high. Thanks to some SEO wizardry, we made sure they were the first thing people saw when they hit up Google with their printing queries. 

Fast forward to today, and Vigor Printing isn’t just surviving; they’re thriving. With a digital presence that’s as vibrant as their prints, they’ve seen a solid boost in traffic, inquiries, and, yup, revenue. It’s a testament to what happens when you mix a bit of creativity with a lot of digital know-how.

Real-Time SEO Results

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It’s Your Turn to Shine

Now, if you’ve been nodding along, thinking, “Hey, that’s pretty cool for Vigor Printing, but what about my biz?” then lean in closer, because this next bit is just for you.

Especially if you’re in the manufacturing or you’re the wholesaler everyone relies on but doesn’t see in the spotlight. You know, the unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes, crafting top-notch products and services that deserve a standing ovation.

It’s high time you grabbed a piece of the limelight for yourself. Why should retail and flashy startups have all the fun and glory? Your business, with its heart and soul poured into every product, its commitment to quality and service, is ready to step into the sun and bask in the glow of recognition and success!

Let's Get the Party Started

This is where we come into play. Think of us as your backstage crew, ready to set the stage for your grand entrance. Just like we did with Vigor Printing, we’re here to tailor a digital marketing strategy that fits your unique needs like a glove.

Whether it’s through Google Ads that target your ideal customer, Facebook Ads that tell your brand’s story, or a shiny new website that showcases your products/services in all their glory, we’ve got the tools and the talent to make it happen.

And let’s not forget about SEO. In today’s world, being on the first page of Google is like having a VIP pass to the best party in town. We’re here to make sure your business not only gets an invite but also becomes the life of the party.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee 2 key metrics in Google Ads to all our clients - Impression Share and the Absolute Top of Page Rate. We ensure your ads get the maximum visibility and the top ranking within 10 days once ads approved.

Our Commitment to Privacy

This article doesn't reveal any behind-the-scenes marketing magic or private business details. It's all about showcasing results, not revealing our strategy playbook. Here, we've presented only the outcomes. Our clients' confidential strategies? Safely secured away. Maintaining the confidentiality of our clients' tactics and sensitive information is something we take seriously. Your confidence and privacy stand at the forefront of our values.

U Ready?

If you’re looking to give your brand a digital makeover that’s nothing short of spectacular, well, you know who to call

Jump on board with us, and let’s send your brand straight to the top spot. No jargon, no fluff – just results. Let's chat and turn these numbers into your victory lap. 









About the author: From mastering the gears of family manufacturing to pioneering digital landscapes, I transformed my legacy into a beacon for businesses in the shadows. With a decade's expertise in SEO, Google Ads, and web development, I illuminate paths for companies to shine online, turning hidden potential into spotlight success.