Sell Unreg MPV/SUVs Imported from Japan Via Google Ads

Sell Cars Online

Selling high-ticket items online can be a challenging task, especially if the price of the product is significantly higher than its competitors. However, with the right digital marketing strategies, it is possible to achieve success in this area. In this article, we will share our experience of how we assisted a company sell more than 200 units of unreg Japan MPV/SUVs within a year that cost above RM200K per unit.

One of the unique aspects of this project was that we conducted the entire business relationship via phone meetings during pandemic. Despite never meeting face-to-face or even via Zoom, we were able to bring significant sales growth to the company. This demonstrating how simple it can be to keep your business running with digital marketing. Our team worked closely with the client, providing regular updates on the campaign's progress and making adjustments as necessary. You don't even need a in-house marketing team to do this heavy lifting for you. 

When we started working with this client, we quickly realized that creating awareness was crucial to generating engagement and, ultimately, sales. Our first step was to build a landing page that highlighted the year of make and starting price of the cars. We wanted to create curiosity and generate leads for our client, without giving away too much information upfront. This strategy worked well, as we saw an increase in leads and inquiries from potential buyers.

To drive traffic to the landing page, we used search marketing and display marketing. We ensured that our client's ads were the very first ones to be seen and discovered by most searchers within the coverage areas. We made sure that our client became the top performer in Google Ads in terms of absolute page rate and impression share percentage displayed in the auction insight report.

To further optimize our campaigns, we showcased related car images on high traffic local websites like Carlist, Mudah, and iProperty. We also tailored our campaigns to target potential buyers who are family men, mid-aged, and likely to purchase an MPV/SUV for their growing family. 

In addition to our Google Ads campaigns, we also utilized YouTube Ads to engage potential customers. By targeting individuals who were watching videos related to the Toyota Alphard and comparing Alphard and Vellfire, we were able to display our client's ads in the beginning, middle, or even after watching the videos. This strategy helped to further increase brand awareness and generate new leads for the client.

We also implemented retargeting campaigns for users who visited the client's website but didn't make a purchase. By using dynamic retargeting ads, we were able to show them ads featuring the specific car models they viewed on the website, which resulted in an increase in conversion rates.

Another effective strategy we implemented was to create custom audience lists based on user behavior, such as people who had previously interacted with the client's ads, website or social media pages. We then created lookalike audience lists based on these custom audiences, which allowed us to target new users who were likely to be interested in purchasing a car from the client.

Finally, our client was able to improve their sales and become the top car dealer that sold the most Japan imported cars within a certain period of time in Malaysia. 

Selling high-ticket items online is not easy, but with the right digital marketing strategies, it can be done. Creating awareness, generating leads, and driving traffic to your website are all crucial steps to achieving success. If you're struggling to sell your products online, consider partnering with us to achieve your goals.