SEO Service For Local Business

Why local SEO is important for businesses?

Local businesses need SEO to ensure their websites are visible in local search engine results. Local SEO is important for businesses looking to increase their visibility and draw in customers from their local area.

By optimizing our customers' websites, businesses can improve their rankings for relevant keywords, which will help them appear more often in local search results. Our SEO service absolutely can help businesses capture sales leads from their potential customers in the neighbourhoods. 

We can improve your brand awareness & increase footfall to your business

Here's why your business need SEO services:

  • Increase visibility in local search results: SEO helps boost local visibility by making sure that businesses are more accessible by optimizing their websites to show up high in local search engine results.
  • Mobile optimization: SEO makes it easier for customers searching in the area to find you, as mobile searches account for over half of all local searches. An optimized website ensures your business is displayed prominently across all devices.
  • Generate quality traffic to your website: SEO helps generate quality website traffic by ensuring your business shows up in local search engine results, helping customers find more information about the services, product offerings and location of your business.
  • Create word-of-mouth referrals: SEO helps build word-of-mouth referrals for local business by keeping your business on the forefront of customers’ minds. If potential customers can quickly and easily find your business’ website, they’ll be more likely to mention it to friends who may be seeking similar products or services. Additionally, if you've got positive rating on Google or Facebook reviews, that's even easier to convert a new leads.
  • Build trust through authority: SEO helps to build a business’ perception of authority in the local market. When a business appears on the first page of Google search engine for a particular keyword search, it communicates to customers that it’s a reliable resource for their needs. This increases trust in the business, and in turn, increases footfall.

SEO Services

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One of our customers' new website G Guard Sdn Bhd was published on early of October 2022. The customer has chosen our search marketing package that included SEM and SEO services.

The primary services of G Guard is providing Paint Protection Film wrapping service for car owners. Based on our keyword research, these are some of the top traffic keywords that we should optimize for the website.

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Below are the keywords that optimized by our team and ranking on top page of Google search results since Dec 2022. 

SEO Keywords   SERP Feb-2022
ppf 1
ppf coating 1
ppf car protection 1
ppf film 1
ppf price 1
ppf malaysia 1
ppf car 1
ppf coating price 1
paint protection film malaysia 1
ppf kl 1
ppf shah alam 1
ppf promo 1

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