TREEY® Methodology

In 2012, we introduced & trademarked TREEY®—a marketing framework crafted to streamline the path to success. Which encompasses Trial, Review, Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Yield, is fundamentally sound and aligns well with best practices in strategic marketing and process optimization.

  1. Trial and Experimentation: This allows for agile marketing—testing different strategies quickly and adapting based on what works, which is crucial in today's fast-paced market environments.

  2. Data-Driven Reviews: Making decisions based on data rather than intuition can lead to more targeted and effective campaigns. Reviewing performance data helps refine strategies continually.

  3. Focus on Effectiveness and Efficiency: By emphasizing both the impact of campaigns and the cost-effectiveness of operations, the methodology ensures that resources are used optimally, maximizing ROI.

  4. Yield and Results-Oriented: Ultimately, any business strategy needs to demonstrate tangible results. This approach focuses on converting strategies into measurable financial outcomes, which is critical for justifying marketing spend and planning future campaigns.

What does TREEY mean? 

The name itself encapsulates our approach, with each letter representing a critical step in our method:

Trial: As a Google Ads agency, we begin by exploring a variety of strategies to identify the most effective approach tailored to your specific needs. This stage is all about experimentation and flexibility, adapting quickly based on initial outcomes.

Review: Next, we delve into the data collected during the trials. This involves a thorough analysis to understand which strategies resonate most with the audience. By aligning our tactics with real-world responses, we ensure that our campaigns are finely tuned to meet the target market’s preferences.

Effectiveness: Efficiency in spending is paramount. We focus on leveraging every investment to its fullest potential, ensuring that you receive optimal results from your budget. This step is about maximizing impact while minimizing waste.

Efficiency: Here, we refine our tactics to enhance key performance metrics such as search engine results page (SERP) rankings, cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), and click-through rates (CTR). It’s about smarter spending and better targeting to achieve higher returns.

Yield: The culmination of our efforts is seen in the yield—transforming your marketing campaigns into dynamic, automated systems that consistently generate sales. This phase is where the strategies prove their worth, turning inputs into profitable outputs.

Through the TREEY® methodology, we ensure that each phase of your measurable digital marketing campaign is not just executed, but optimized for success, mirroring the growth and resilience of a tree—from planting the seed to enjoying the shade.